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Boycott Blizzard + Overwatch 2 @BlizzCon 2019? - Episode 8

AJ and Joey do not agree with what Blizzard's approach was to banning eSports player Blitzchung. Also, Overwatch 2 at this year's BlizzCon? No way!


AJ will not shut up about Pokemon once again, and Joey wants it to stop. Expect AJ to talk about Pokemon once again for episode 8!

Netflix’s Problem - Episode 6

AJ and Joey sit back and relax as they talk about their past high school life as well as Netflix putting themselves into a rut for the foreseeable future.

Bird is the Word - Episode 5

At the midst of the reveal for Pokemon's Sirfetch'd, your hosts AJ and Joey discuss how 2006's Happy Feet might be an anti-religious propaganda film while watching and reacting to YouTube videos, of course!

Podcast and Chill - Episode 4

AJ and Joey sit back, relax, and talk about life. As usual, watch some cool or funny YouTube videos with today's videos spanning from animation, comedic, and weird.

Nintendo Switches Things Up - Episode 3

AJ and Joey react to brand new information by Nintendo and how they're continuing to surprise and switch things up. The company has more games coming out for the Nintendo Switch like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and more!

The Mouse Strikes Back - Episode 2

AJ has all the news while co-host Joey reacts to the Disney and Sony split for Spider-Man and the potential fate of the character in the MCU as well as news about Disney's theme parks, Disney+, Marvel, and Star Wars.

Pilot - Episode 1

Meet hosts AJ and Joey, as well as a personal guest, for their first-ever podcast episode.